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“Fifty years ago, a young Japanese chef landed in Seattle and taught us the ways of Edomae sushi. Now with his third restaurant, Shiro Kashiba is doing it again.”

– Allecia Vermillion, SeattleMet


To Chef Shiro Kashiba, it feels like it was just yesterday.

But in 1970, Kashiba introduced the city of Seattle to its first sushi bar.

Chef Kashiba had just completed years of grueling apprenticeships in Tokyo under the watchful eye of his senior supervisor, sushi maestro, Jiro Ono (Jiro Dreams of Sushi).

Pictured: Kashiba (left) and his instructor Jiro Ono (right) with fellow apprentice on one of their mountain climbing trips.

Kashiba leaving for Seattle at Haneda Airport. His father (left), instructor Jiro Ono (second from left), his mother (center) and fellow apprentices bid him farewell.


Unlike his fellow apprentices, Kashiba had his focus on America.

He was convinced that he could import the Edo-mae style and “shun” (local & seasonal) philosophy of Japan to the delectable seafood offerings of the Pacific Northwest.

He was right.

Kashiba at his first restaurant, Nikko, in Seattle's International District.

A three-time James Beard Award nominee for Outstanding Chef, Kashiba has cooked for Japanese Prime Ministers, Fortune 500 CEOs, Hollywood celebrities, star athletes, and served as Executive Chef for the Westin Hotels.

In 2019, Kashiba was appointed as official Goodwill Ambassador of Japanese Cuisine by the Government of Japan.

Partnering with Chef Kashiba are several Master Chefs from his former restaurants

Chef Wada

Chef Hori